At Burch Energy, we are committed to intentionally designing and implementing energy efficiency programs that cater to diverse needs. Our expertise spans the Commercial, Industrial, and Residential sectors, covering Natural Gas, Electric, Urban, and Rural customers. We’re here to help you shape and deliver world-class utility programs.

As part of our equity-focused strategy and design consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Trade Ally Management: Establishing and maintaining robust relationships with essential industry partners.
  • Outreach: Promoting program awareness and participation among diverse communities and stakeholders.
  •  Technical Services: Offering energy auditing, project evaluation, and measure development to optimize program efficiency and savings.
  • Application Processing: Simplifying the application process to guarantee prompt and accurate delivery of incentives.
  • Key Account Management: Providing personalized support and guidance to high-priority clients throughout the program lifecycle.
  • Workforce Development: Fostering inclusivity in the clean energy economy, we provide innovative business and technical training through our unique Contractor Development Pathway (CDP).

Additionally, our Peer Mentorship program facilitates Business-to-Business coaching to share and grow contractor expertise. Meanwhile, our Emerging Energy Efficiency Economy (E^4) course is designed to inspire newcomers to participate in the thriving clean energy sector.

Reach out today to see how Burch Energy can help you champion equitable and sustainable energy solutions, paving the way for a brighter and greener future for all.